Time to say goodbye

I am sitting on the floor at my boarding gate, surrounded by 3 times as much hand luggage as I’m technically allowed, but I managed to sneak this past the hawk eyes of the lovely ladies at the Emirates check-in desk.

Yes, today I’m that one you indignantly whisper about in the line at the boarding gate: “Look how much stuff she has! This is so unfair! I don’t know why they allow it!” Spare me your disapproving glances, I had to fit my entire life into 30kg of luggage allowance.

In addition to being woefully overloaded (with a wheelie bag, laptop bag, tamper-proof duty free shopping bags, a jacket and various loose bits and pieces) fellow passengers also have the pleasure of seeing me in all my post-farewell red eyed, puffy faced, runny nosed glory. I bet they are hoping they don’t sit next to me.

Let’s rewind to my last post. The last few weeks have flown by so fast! True to my prediction, I found a million and one last little things to buy/pack/organize. I also tried to see as many of my friends and family as I could, and sadly there are many whom I did not manage to spend time with. Did I mention I was also working a temp job at my old company at the same time. Madness.

Here is what we got up to:


A very chilled weekend in the bush.


Nikki organised a house at Mabalingwe for her birthday. We packed so much booze you would have been excused for thinking we were opening a pub. Then we took it all home with us. Amateurs.

It was two relaxing days of nature and wildlife, and most importantly: great company!


Beefy barmen (and burgers)

We’d been wanting to go to Beefcakes for a while, so Rails Bee and I got together for a mid-week girls night.

Johannesburg-20130718-02768 IMG-20130718-02746

Widely perceived as a ‘gay’ bar, Beefcakes is in fact a very camp diner with really hot barmen, where people of every inclination are welcome. We had a really awesome time sitting at the bar making silly conversation with the slew of hunky students who work as bartenders, laughed our heads off during the cheesy drag show and overindulged in red wine and jalapeno poppers .


If you want to see these studs in action, visit http://www.beefcakes.co.za/joburg

Arctic braai


This was my ‘real’ farewell – my cuzzie and sis invited all our closest friends and family for a braai. Then it ended up being the coldest day of the winter so far.

Despite the freezing weather, my nearest and dearest turned out in droves and a good time was had by all. Or maybe their smiles were just frozen in place.


Those of us who were brave enough to sit outside after eating were dressed like Eskimos and tried to ward off frostbite by turning in front of the fire like rotisserie chickens. Bring on the tropics!

A taste of Thailand

As a nod to my home for the next 8 or 9 months, Bee organised a lovely dinner at Kai Thai in Montecasino. It turned out to be quite emotional for me. I think I saw a few of my friends wiping away tears as well, but maybe that’s because the angry duck was really REALLY angry.


All in all it was a month of crazy juggling of socials, work and planning. Also a bit of heartache leaving a dear friend going through a difficult time.

17 hours from now, I will touch down in Bangkok, and my adventure will start in earnest. Watch this space!




4 thoughts on “Time to say goodbye

  1. Hi there,
    As you make your way to the land of smiles known as Thailand, I just want to say that this is YOUR time! DO what makes YOU happy, and live every day as YOU want to. Break away from the old and welcome the new (as scary as it may seem from time to time). It is madness on this side, but now I am smiling because I am no longer alone, you are now in the same boat, so let’s enjoy it together! THAILAND FEVER – WHOOOO HOOOOOOO =D Blessings ❤

  2. Hoop dit gaan vir jou n wonderlike tyd en n onvergeetlike ervaring wees. Al mis ons jou gun ons jou hierdie tyd.

  3. Missing u stacks!!! So so proud of u for doing this, going out alone into the great big nasty world, my brave cuzzie. Please eat some normal stuff ;). Love u!

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